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[PIC + VID] 120408 Kris @ The 12th Yin Yue Feng Yun Bang Awards

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The fans were chanting for EXO-M but the MC told them not to shout because EXO-M could not understand them (?!). Kris calmly told her: “We have 4 Chinese members here”.
After that, Luhan sang 2 lines of an old famous song and Kris talked about the songs that were in each’s childhood memory.
Then the other groups talked about the “home-grown” groups and something about the Chinese music market… All of that was directly aimed to EXO-M because they knew that Kris was not grown up in China and EXO-M has 2 Korean members and EXO-M is under SME! They were jealous of them obviously!
However, EXO-M members were just smiled and even bowed to them.
I feel sorry for them, especially the 4 Chinese members. They’re debuting in their home-country but got treated like that. I just hope this controversy did not hurt them.

[These are what the MC said:
“Stop cheering, they can’t understand you anyway!”
“There are no Chinese people in this group (EXO-M)”
“(to MIC) you’ll be able to take down these Korean groups.”]

However, congratulations on debuting, EXO-M! I will always support you guys!

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