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[TRANS] 120411 Sohu Interview (short cuts)

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MC: So I know that there are two Korean members, but it seems the rest of you have also spent a good deal of time in Korea. How long have you all been there?
Kris: Well, it’s different for everyone, but personally I spent four years in Korea.
MC: So you must be able to communicate pretty well with the Korean members.
Kris: Yes, well everyone’s Korean is pretty good now, so communication is easy.
MC: What does this mean? “oppar! Salangheeyo!”
Kris: …”Big brother I love you.”
MC: Oh no! Don’t say those kinds of things to me! Haha you fell for it! I bet the fans are jealous of me.

Kris: nice, caring, filial, MAKES GOOD FOOD (he totally emphasized that) He also believes in fate and doesn’t have appearance requirement
Lay: cute, filial, nice
MC says that they like the same type, what if they fall in love with the same person?
Luhan: calm and peaceful
MC says that Lu Han is peaceful too, unless it’s because he hasn’t woken up yet
Xiumin: not quite sure
Chen: Likes someone who will take care of him, like noona
Tao: says he’s thought about it and says he likes girls who are pretty and have good bodies, but they have to have nice personalities.

Kris misses home, and maybe only goes home like 1 or 2 times a year
Lay has gone for 1 and a half years without seeing his parents
They said that they all missed home, and wish that their parents can be healthy
Chen and Xiumin don’t miss home that much because they live in Korea
MC asks if the korean members take care of the chinese members because they can’t go home
Sometimes Xiumin and Chen will treat them to eat

Tao apparently eats the most out of all of them
Lu Han is the hardest to wake up, doesn’t like waking up. (MC comments, “no wonder his skin is so good, beauty sleep!”)
Talks about rooming in China (I think)
Chen and Kris, Luhan and Lay, and Tao and Xiumin (I think)
Chen says he’s not allowed to room with Xiumin because they have to learn Chinese
MC is making Chen and Xiumin talk about their emotions in Chinese
MC makes them do tongue twisters in Chinese
MC asks if they have girlfriends
they say that they don’t
MC asks if it’s the company not letting them
Kris says it’s because they don’t have time

Tao says the leader has a lot of responsibility
Kris also knows a lot of languages

In order to record the MAMA MV, Kris had to backflip off the building nearly 100 times

Credit: wufankris @ , kkab-baekhyun @ tumblr


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