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[TRANS] 120414 EXO-M’s Tudou Interview

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Host: Hello everyone I’m Wang Hui, your host for today and Tudou is really honored to have a group of six really handsome guys who have gained a lot of popularity every since their 100th day debut showcase EXO-M! Welcome!

EXO-M: Thank you

Host: Our tudou friends are probably already familiarised with all of you because the song and mv must have left a really deep impression. So can we have everyone greet the viewers

EXO: We are one! Hello everybody we are EXO-M!

Host: Wow really really impressive, not only is the MV impressive, they are really impressive in person as well! After the 100th day debut showcase everyone has been giving you all a lot of love so can we also have everyone introduce themselves individually to your tudou viewers

Kris: Hello everyone I’m EXO-M’s leader Kris

Yixing: Hello everyone I’m EXO-M’s member Yixing

Luhan: Hello everyone I’m EXO-M’s member Luhan

Xiumin: Hello everyone I’m EXO-M’s member Xumin

Chen: Hello everyone I”m EXO-M’s member Chen

Tao: Hello eveyrone I’m EXO-M’s member Tao

Host: When your group arrived at the airport here there were many fans welcoming all of you, how did you feel about seeing them?

Kris: Then I was really really taken aback but especially glad as well because it was the first time we came back and we didn’t expect so much support from fans. Afterall it’s the first time we’ve returned and we’re really thankful

Yixing: I feel that everywhere we go there are fans supporting and accompaniment us and I’m really happy and grateful for that. I hope all of you will continue looking forward to our appearances and continue supporting us

Host: When you were in Korea did you also received the amount of popularity and love like in China? Usually when you go out did people recognise you? Like “Oh! It’s EXO-M’s member!”

Luhan: Initially when the first few teasers were released people didn’t recognise us but as more and more teasers were released people started realising that it was us, giving us recognition. Like when we’re on the streets people would be like “Oh are they the ones we saw in the teaser”

Host: Because the teasers were released and promotions were done over the internet, do all of you have your personal weibo accounts or homepages?

Luhan: Yes there’s mainly the company’s weibo

Kris: Our company has created EXO-M’s official weibo as well because right now we haven’t got our individual weibo accounts so a few days before we’ve left them messages on EXO-M’s weibo, all of us wrote a short message to them. And we do read the messages they leave for us as well

Host: So your appearance on your show today is mainly to spread and make known your album, MAMA. On the net many people have viewed your MV and it’s style is really unique and detailed so during the filming or when the songs were released did all of you feel any stress

Chen: For me it was slightly stressful at the beginning because the recording was in chinese so for the korean members we’ve had a little difficulty pronouncing it but the members gave me a lot of help.

Host: Your title song is MAMA but why is MAMA the main song and why named MAMA?

Kris: Actually MAMA has a really deep meaning to it and because nowadays technology is really developed so face to face contact has been decreased by a lot. The message MAMA intends to bring across is basically the simplest form of communication between humans, their feelings and interactions. So that’s mainly what we’ve been trying to present to everyone

Host: We’ll watch EXO-M’s MV now and the interview will resume after.

(MV plays)

Host: We’ve just seen your MV and apart from the MV being really special, your dance was really impressive as well. Did all of you have dance backgrounds or special skills training before entering the company?

Yixing: Before joining SM I didn’t have any dance basics but the company provided training for us so we’ve all mastered it.

Host: Is that the toughest part of training?

Yixing: All of us enjoy what we do so the toughest part of training isn’t learning the dance or mastering the skill but not being able to return home for the chinese members

Host: It is rare of all of you to come onto this show so can you perform a slight cut from the show for us?

Kris: Yes sure

(What is love cut but luhan and chen)

Host: That was really wonderful, can we have some claps hahaha. So what now that you’ve debuted what are your usual schedules, are there any upcoming fanmeets or fansigns? This is actually a question many people are curious about

Kris: Becuase we’ve just debuted so now we’re mainly focusing on only promotions for our mini albums but there’ll definitely be chances in the future to meet more fans, we also intend to go to different areas around china to promote. I really hope we’ll get to meet more fans too

Host: I’ve heard about EXO-K as well, please talk more about these EXO-K and EXO-M concept

Kris: M and K is one huge group,we can perform together or separately but our relationship is like brothers. EXO-K focuses on the korean market and EXO-M focuses on the china market because we have more chinese members. But we are a chinese band

Host: Out of the 6 members there are 2 korean members, is this your first time coming to Beijing?

Xiumin: Yes it’s the first time both of us are here

Host: So what is your impression of chinese fans?

Xiumin: Fans here are really enthusiastic so I was really surprised

Host: How did the chinese members get into SM?

Kris: It’s different for everyone. For me I joined the global audition in Canada in 2007 and got in

Yixing: I was selected at a competition in Wuhan

Luhan: For me I scouted in korea when shopping at myeong dong in 2010

Host: That’s really meaningful

Xiumin: In 2008 I won a singing competition at Everysing and joined

Chen: In 2011 I got selected at a singing competition

Tao: I joined after the casting in qing dao

Host: So after you became a group was there a time where there was miscommunications during practise of performances?

Kris: We are a group with both chinese and korean members so at the beginning there was bound to be miscommunications but as we worked harder towards our dreams we’ve developed a really good relationship between each other and the communications between us have improved a lot

Host: So there are many successful korean and chinese bands around and you’ve gained a lot of popularity after the 100th day debut showcase. Has this been of any encouragement to all of you

Yixing: There are still many things we’ve got to learn from Chinese seniors and also because our group is really special, originating from a korean company and having a mixture of korean and chinese members ….

(yixing doesn’t know how to continue)

Kris: We hope to gain more recognition from the seniors because we are a group that’s cut out to fit into the chinese market, yeah

Host: I’ve heard that luhan’s birthday is coming soon, happy birthday! The fans have also prepared a birthday cake for all of you, please have a look

Members: It’s really pretty

Host: Please leave a message for our fans

Luhan: Thank you for all the support you’ve given to us, we’ll continue to work hard to present even better performances and not disappoint everyone

Host: Of course there’s a motive behind this cake, fans have 2 questions for all of you

1. Why is Kris the leader?

Luhan: Because he is really responsible and takes care of us a lot. Also he’s billingual and since we will be promotion a lot overseas, it’s more convenient

Host: Kris are you pressurized by the role of a leader?

Kris: Er yes, at the beginning when the company appointed me as the leader I was really stressed because I wasn’t sure if I could do the job well but it isn’t as difficult as expected because all the members compromise with me as well, and I’ll just have to do my part well for the team and for everyone

2. Host: What are your good impressions of the other members?

Tao: I’ll speak of Yixing. Oh I’m sorry I meant Lay.

When I first entered the company there were many things I was unsure of when dancing and Lay helped me a lot

Chen: I’ll talk about Kris, because he does his job as the leader of a korean-chinese mixed group by helping the members to understand or resolve problems if there were any and he is really fair

Xiumin: Luhan is the kind of person that would make many people fall for him. He’s also really good looking, really pretty and he makes everyone feel really calm

Luhan: I’ll talk about Chen because I’m really envious of his vocal ability and Chen is really humble. He’s not the kind who’s really complacent just because he can sing well

Yixing: In my opinion Tao is a really focused person, and I hope he takes care of his waist and leg injuries

Kris: Which member has not been spoken about?

Host: Maybe Xiumin

Kris: As for xiumin because he’s the same age as me so we are really close and because I am the leader of this group, he can be considered the leader for the korean members in EXO-M. He’s a really calm and kind hearted person, yep.

Host: So how does it feel to be promoting and developing in your hometown?

Luhan: I’m really glad that we can return to our hometown

Host: What are your aims?

Luhan: I hope that we would continue improving and presenting a better image to all of you

Host: Lastly I’ll give you 30 seconds to promote your album, MAMA

Kris: This is our first album and I hope everyone would like it. We’ve put in a lot of effort and almost a year’s preparation. There are 6 songs in this album and the styles are really unique so please love it a lot

Xiumin: Please love our album a lot

Host: Chen would you like to promote your album as well, talk more about your songs

Chen: The songs in this albums speaks the member’s respectively talents. For example Tao and Kris who can express their rapping talents through Two Moons a lot, while me and Luhan have what is love which showcases our vocal abilities and also like MAMA which shows off their dance abilities

Host: So as for tudou we will help to spread your music videos as well, thank you for guesting at the show!

Trans by: heechvl@twitter, heecups@tumblr


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