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An imperfect paradise for an imperfect angel.

[RANDOM] Kris’s tattoo (?)


I exactly thought the same thing when I saw this picture 2 days ago. How lucky there’re people who have the same thoughts as me :))
So he’s got a tattoo? Not really sure. However, just strip Kris, and we will all know =))


And after scanning all the pictures of him wearing that shirt, I’ve come to conclusion that he’s really got a tattoo. It seems like a Dragon or something, you know, the Chinese Dragon, not the Dragon in his symbol.
These are some crops that I’ve made to identify it XD

*I’ve edited those pictures a little to make it easier to see, the original pictures are from the right owner, not mine*


Someone told me that it’s a Scorpio. I think that’s right XD

And I heard someone was talking like ‘he’s an angel and he shouldn’t have a tattoo like this, blah blah blah’. Hey guys, take it easy, he has every right to do whatever he likes. No one can tell him what to do and what not to do. He has his own true self. And all the right things his fans should do is to face that truth and support him.

I personally love that tattoo. And I love the image of him with black hair and denim shirt too, not only love the image of an ‘angel’ that everyone loves. If you guys call that the ‘devil’ side in him, then I’m the one who love that ‘devil’ side XD


Author: Pea Bling Bling

Angel with invisible broken wings

6 thoughts on “[RANDOM] Kris’s tattoo (?)

  1. Hmm cũng có thể là hình vẽ, xăm giả ấy?
    Phát hiện thú vị nha >00<

    • đây là lần đầu tiên ảnh show body nhiều như vậy nên cũng có thể là thêm thắt thêm 1 chút lên người cho fan gào thét 1 tí, LOL
      lần showcase cũng mặc đúng cái áo này, nhưng ở trong lại mặc T-shirt, chẳng soi đc j cả T^T

      • Ảnh người kín như bưng ý. Mặc như Kai tuột áo ra có phải mình được thoả mãn tính râm rê của fan gơ rồi k LOL
        Đến lúc cởi mà có hình xăm kia thật chắc trông giang hồ lắm =))

  2. oh my lord, krisus… what you guys think? im starting to believe it’s real…omg…

  3. I think it’s a scorpion since his zodiac sign is a Scorpio…but a dragon would make sense, too.

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