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[Fanacc] 120502 Tao’s Birthday


(original found from:, credits to 晨晨 for translation and 大喜 for the graphic!)

Kirs: 1, 2, 3! We are…
Members: One! Hello everyone, we are exo-m!
Xiumin: After Korea’s showcase… we… the first time (he spotted leader’s hand gesture)… Ah let’s start from our self-introduction
—-members’ introduction omitted—-
Xiumin: This is the first time we can closely meet you guys ever since our Korea showcase. And our return this time is also Tao’s birthday, so we can celebrate for our kungfu panda together. Is there any international fan here? (a fan put her hand up)
Kris: From where?
Fan: China!
Kris: Nihao! (members said nihao as well)
Xiumin: Today’s Tao’s birthday, let’s celebrate for him with cake and birthday song! Entry of the cake!
Kris: (rapping) Ca~ke~!
(Tao who was in the corner was surprised, saying “K?”, and Chen shouted “Not K but cake!” There came exo-K with a cake! OMG, all fans were surprised too. We could see that as Tao saw his hyungs, he began crying)
(After what seems like a half day, we sang birthday song for Tao and told him not to cry)
Tao: Can I speak in Chinese? (Fans: Yes)

Baekyun: I can translate for you!
Tao: (speaking in Chinese. I couldn’t understand it, but as Tao was speaking and sobbing, fans were all awww-ing) This birthday is the most meaningful birthday ever in my life. I’m so happy to spend it with the 12 members and so many fans. To the fans who have not forgot about us and kept supporting us ever since the release of our teasers till the present activities, thank you again. And thanks to the members.
(Someone from exo-K said “let’s do it once, ‘we are one’?”)
Suho: Actually we…
(He needed a mic. Kris gave it to him. “Here you go!” So the leaders do think alike~)
Suho: Isn’t our slogan “we are one”? That isn’t without a meaning. We EXO is always one anytime anywhere! With such meaning, it is “we are one”. After a long time we EXO are finally together again. In such occasion we should once again greet everyone with “We are one! Hi everyone, we are EXO!” (He told all members to do so)
Baekyun: We have to coordinate first, coordinate…
Chanyeol: Coordinate?
Suho: No, no, we can now do it great. So let’s greet everybody? After I say 1 2 3… 1, 2, 3!!
All members: WE ARE ONE! HI EVERYBODY WE ARE EXO!! (then all members began to play with the fake snowflake happily, in chaos)
Suho: Just like today, with exo-M, with fans… we’re really completely together! So happy! Today’s Tao’s birthday, we came here, I… Let’s start from me, and then all members~ (while speaking, Tao sprayed the fake snowflake to Suho. All members were so happy when they saw their hyung was sprayed )

(At this moment, f(x)’s Amber appeared with another cake! Everyone sang birthday song for Luhan, huhu)
Tao: I want to make a wish. Make a wish and blow the candles with Luhan.
(The two kids had their cakes each, closing their eyes… The picture was so beautiful that my tears were almost falling down… But at this moment Baekyun…)
Baekyun: Asleep? You guys fell asleep right?
Chanyeol: (Looking a the cake full of fake snowflake) Ah… this can’t be eaten…
Suho: Amber-nim (?) especially came over to congratulate Tao and Luhan, please say something!

Amber: Ah~ Hi I’m f(x)’s Amber. Why am I so nervous? First of all… We.. magnae? Tao? Tao… Also Luhan oppa that I’ve been paying attention since we first met [T/N: I don’t really understand this part =_=]… So happy birthday! … EXO is cute, right? (Fans: Amber is cute too!) I’m cute right? I’m actually, EXO, right? That Kai… Kai-sshi… Back in the trainee days, along with Xiumin oppa and other oppa, would say “Yo, Amber!!”. Now (she demonstrated a 90 degree bow) he’s all like “Hello!”. Are we chingus? Especially Suho, why are you so awkward being an MC! Practice more!
Suho: Please teach us Korean, sunbae nim.
Amber: I can’t speak Korean well, how can I teach?
Suho: I will work hard.
Amber: Please support EXO, everyone! I have to go… I go now! Bye!
(Amber said bey with Kris in hip-hop style, and left. Her face was so small, and EXO’s faces are small too)
(The candles on the cake were still lit up, D.O., seeing this, sprayed the snowflake onto it, and fire……. Kyungsoo ah…. That’s flammable… You… Although this whole thing made me happy, but we can’t die together!! kekeke and so the cake disappeared)
Suho: Amber sunbaenim suddenly appeared and we’re shocked. We’re truly thankful for such surprise. So now… we were interrupted so we haven’t done it yet… To congratulate on your birthday, here I come. (He grabbed Tao’s shoulder) Tao ah, (Baekyun & Chanyeol: You guys stick together, stick together!) you were in China (Tao: Miss you) You came back from China because of me, right? (Baekyun: NO~~~~, Tao: I miss all, all of you) Happy birthday, always listen to the leader. I love you. (Tao: I do listen to the leader) Be good, Wo Ai Ni (Hug!)
Chanyeol: Tao ah, I really really like you. Happy birthday, let’s work hard! (Hug)
D.O.: Hi everyone, I’m D.O. (Fans: So excellent, so excellent~) Tao is more excellent, Tao… I’m not. Hahaha, Tao ah, happy birthday (hug)
(Baekyun especially ran to the front to congratulate)
Tao: Baekyun~ he has a nickname, beef! Baekyun and I are both beef.Baekyun: Ah, why are we called beef… that’s because we’re both Taurus. He didn’t know how to say Taurus in Korean and that’s why he says beef. Kekeke. When Tao’s in Korea, he’s always following around me. Tao ah, that’s why when you’re in China, you missed me so much that you cried right? Although Tao looked scary (Kekeke), in my heart he’s very young and fragile… Tao happy birthday (Tao: thanks) Tao, come here and let me hug you~~~ Who’s next?! Come here!!

(Kai and Sehun were pushing each other, then played rock, paper, scissors to decide who to go first)
Kai: Tao ah, happy birthday! (Baekyun: Oh, you’re not even looking at him) No… Tao is [T/N: He probably wasn’t using honorifics here] (Fans: Isn’t he your hyung?) No! My birthday is earlier… (Baekyun: They’re the same age) Sorry, Tao, you always say “Jongin~ Teach me how to dance~” and always come over and stand here… Sorry for unable to teach you much… Also, before you went to China, I should’ve treated you even better… I can’t believe that when you were in China, you didn’t even mention a word about me… So this is the relationship we have… [T/N: he’s kidding of course lol] Tao, happy birthday, let’s eat together when we have the chance… I have a lot of congratulating words to say in my heart, but I don’t know how to express TT TT (hug)
Xiumin: Okay, and now, it’s exo-K’s magnae Sehun’s turn!

Sehun: Tao… and hyung (Tao: Hyung? Don’t you speak to me in banmal usually?) and Tao hyung… we’re so close when we’re trainees, really.
Baekyun & Chanyeol: Ah~ You’re calling him hyung? Kekeke, we though you two are chingus~ Keke
Sehun: No, no, he’s hyung. Hyung~ We played together a lot and talked a lot, right?
Baekyun: You guys don’t seem close~
Sehun: We’re really close, really! Happy birthday! I love you (hug)
Baekyun: We also should congratulate Luhan hyung!
Suho: I was about to say that. Actually we had a video message for Luhan, saying happy birthday… You guys wanna see it right? (Fans: Yes!) But no. We couldn’t congratulate you face to face before, so for now, although it’s only a short period of time… Luhan ah, I said so during the showcase, didn’t I? I fell in love with you at first sight~ I love you~~~ Next!
Chanyeol: Luhan hyung, I love you. I said all I wanted to say in the video, now I don’t know what else to say… (hug)
Baekyun: Luhan hyung, we look alike, yes? Luhan hyung and I are twins, ke. Luhan hyung happy birthday! I love you! (hug)
D.O.: Luhan hyung… Since being a trainee, the first one I became close to was Luhan hyung. (Xiumin: The two entered the company the same time, the same time) We entered the company on the same day. So there really are lots of memories with Luhan hyung… (hug)
Kai: Oh~~~ Luhan hyung~~ Luhan hyung happy birthday!!! Oh~~ Oh~~~
(Members began to shout “SeLu”, “SeLu” kekeke Don’t other noonas call them HunHan? Kekeke. You guys call them SeLu kekeke. So cute TTTTT)
Sehun: Luhan hyung and I look alike, don’t we?! (hug) Luhan hyung, really happy birthday, you’re really a good hyung, really… I love you.
Suho: It’s a pity but we feel like we’re interrupting the time for fans and exo-M being together…
Baekyun: We feel that we’re interrupting so we have to leave.
Suho: We, EXO, are one, so no matter when, we’re always together
(All members did the wiping-lip dance from MAMA)
Suho: We exo-K…
D.O.: We exo-K, and M, are not one each by each, you know that? (Kekeke)
Suho: What is not on each by each? Ke
D.O.: We’re really one, we’re one!!
Suho: Although it’s a pity, we exo-K should leave now
Kai: We have to go
Suho: Let’s greet all of them, shall we? (asking members) Exo-M isn’t leaving, it’s us… Until then, we’re exo-K! We are one! Thanks guys, see you next time~~
Chanyeol: Saranghae, Wo ai ni, I love you! [T/N: I think he was being multilingual here lol]
Suho: Tao happy birthday! (D.O. was the last one who left with a 90-degree bow)

Kris: Then now (There’s really good response from fans kekeke, they were all screaming) Ah? It’s not my birthday~~ Now, let’s start asking, should we? Any questions?
Xiumin: There are a lot of things about Tao that we’re curious about, right? Here comes Tao’s Q&A Time! (There’s a board with 50 pieces of paper with questions) Leader! Take one down and start asking.
Kris: Taking just like that?
Xiumin: Should I read it? Or should Tao read it?
Tao: (in not-so-well Korean) Mar… Martial art… Stick… How many… Have? Double? How to do double?
Xiumin: Ah~ Do you guys understand? (Fans: Yes kekeke)

Chen: How many martial art sticks are there? How do you keep them? (Fans: Ah~~~)
Xiumin: Didn’t you guys say you understood?!!
Tao: If there isn’t schedule I wouldn’t take them…
Xiumin: Then how do you keep them? (Leader translated it handsomely)
Tao: They’ve been in the company all the time
Kris: How many in total?
Tao: There were 5… they were all broken during practices… (Fans: We will buy them for you!, Kris: They said they’ll buy~)
Xiumin: Lay, choose one (Fans: Speak, speak!) Lay you choose one yourself and read it yourself!
Tao: If I want a girlfriend, keke, an elder one or younger one? How old… do?
Xiumin: If I want a girlfriend, keke, an elder one or younger one? Up to how old can she be? (Fans: elder! elder!!) Tao, do you like an elder girlfriend or a younger girlfriend? (Fans desperately screaming “elder”)
Chen: Ah, all of them are noona here, right now. Kekeke
Tao: But… I like all~ But…
Xiumin: Then how old should be the limit? If she’s younger than you, how young can she be? (Fan: 8-year-old!)
Chen: The eldest one here is 28?!
Tao: Everyone down the stage can be!~~~
Xiumin: How about the eldest? Eldest?
Tao: Actually, I said it in an interview in China
Kris: He said it, he did say it.
Tao: I… really haven’t had relationship before…
Xiumin: Looks like you didn’t have plenty kekeke
Tao: I haven’t had once so I don’t know~~
Xiumin: Next one, Luhan! (Fans: Pick something interesting! Longer one! Read-able one!) All can be read~
Tao: The moment that you miss exo-K’s member?
Xiumin: You read it aloud well~ Huhuhu (Because Tao could only read it but not understand it, Lay and leader translated it in Chinese fluently! OHOHOH!!)
Tao: For me, it’s when we exo-M were having activities, especially when performing on China’s stage, I really miss exo-M’s members. Also this moment, the happiest moment in my life when I’m with my 12 members together!
Xiumin: Then who’s the exo-K member you miss the most?
Tao: As a matter of fact, the one I miss the most… Instead of a specific person, I have been missing all of the exo-K members. (Fans: Eh——-) It’s true… (Fans: just name one!) Hm… I miss Beef [T/N: if you read previous parts, you’ll know he’s referring to Baekyun ^^] I miss different members during different time. Yeah, when I eat, I miss Sehun.
Xiumin: Then when would you miss Beef the most?
Tao: Beef? When I practice and during interviews. Actually, even when I’m walking, I would also miss him. No, not just Beef but all of the members! If there’s a chance in the future, it would be nice for the 12 of us to go out and play. Han River, Itaewon, and… hmmm…. The Namsan? Namsan! I want to go to Namsan together too!

Xiumin: For the next one, Tao can choose it.
Tao: I’ve heard that you learnt Korean through Korean drama, is there any TV series that you particularly like? Yes!! My Girlfriend is a Gumiho! I like that so much! Is she called Shin Minah? Shin Minah! (Fans: Show us “Delicious”!)
Xiumin: Tao, didn’t you used to sing that song when Lee Seunggi comes out? Fox ah~ Fox ah~ What you doing~ Perform it for once!! [T/N: Sorry I didn’t watch the show so I don’t exactly know how the lyrics go :p]
Tao: Fox ah~ Fox ah, what you doing~ You’re eating~ What you eating! What you eating~ Eating beef~ Dead? Alive? Alive! (He was so cute TTTTT)
Xiumin: Next time I shall do it! (Fans: Baozi, cute? Scary?, Kris: Scary! keke)
Chen: I’ve chosen one!
Xiumin: Although this one is short, it’s quite something!

Tao: How are Korean women? … Just now I’ve said it, I haven’t dated before so… honestly, I really like Korean girls! The hairstyles are pretty, the faces are pretty! If dating one of them would be very nice!
Chen: Done? Now my turn! This one this one this one!!!
Tao: What is the body part that you’re most confident of? (Fans: Show us!!) I love my whole body! (Fans screaming) WHen I’m performing on stage, I would show you guys! Next time~~ You guys can anticipate!
Xiumin: He needs to practice before showing you guys.
Tao: That’s right, I don’t have much muscles now. Next time… China.. Right…
Chen: (Fans kept screaming) If you guys continue like this, I would feel guilty~
Xiumin: I sleep in the same room with Tao! I see it everyday! Tao… ah… That muscle, that muscle!!
Chen: The legs! Legs, legs!
Xiumin: Also one that I envy the most, the butt!!
Tao: Ai—- It isn’t that good~
Kris: We all know now~ Are you guys satisfied? Should we go to the next question? Else there will be no more~~
Xiumin: Out of the EXO members, who is more mature than me? This includes all of the EXO members, including exo-K
Tao: I think I’m the most mature! Ah, really!! I… Even though when I’m standing aside, it feels like I’m cute, but deep down, I’m quite mature compared to the other members!
Kris: You look like the most (mature) one~
Xiumin: The first time when you called me oppa, it was the scariest!
Tao: Right! It was this room!
Xiumin: Right here, yes right here!
Tao: Just as I opened the door, I went “AH~~ OPPA~~~ HELLO~~” (so cute TTTTTTTT)
Xiumin: Do you know how shocked I was?
Tao: Hmm… And…
Xiumin: Then who’s the most mature in EXO? Tao? (Tao: no…) Leader? (Tao: no…)
Tao: It depends on different time and different situation. There is always time that I feel that he is mature for each member. I’m among the EXO members the most… probably childish. But I will grow up. When I’m 22 I will proabably become leader Kris now.
Kris: Then shall we ask others questions as well? Chen?
Chen: I’m Korean, but it isn’t good to speak Korean here (Fans: Then use Chinese) Ah….
Xiumin: Sorry, can’t help you!
Chen: That… I have glossophobia [T/N: fear of speaking. I think he’s just kidding haha]… so…
Kris: You only got one chance! If you want to change, you can still do it!
Chen: Then I choose one to answer it myself?
Tao: I can pick on for you~ Hyung, what’s the reason that makes you want to become a singer?
Chen: I… obviously, normally, it is my dream since younger age… It’s true. (speaking towards Xiumin) Hyung, what is your reason?
Xiumin: I… me too.
Chen: See! It’s not just me! Let’s ask all! Tao, what is your reason?
Tao: This question is a bit difficult, I will answer it in Chinese later. How about you, Kris hyung?
Kris: Ah, I’m just like Luhan, I was walking on the street… Ahha I am just joking. I actually like playing basketball the most when I was young.
Xiumin: He plays basketball really well!
Tao: Yes! He plays better than me! (Tao ah, so if he’s better than you, he must be really good?)
Kris: And as I grew older, I really like singing and acting. So… now you all know it, don’t you?
Tao: Yixing hyung!
Xiumin: Lay, lay!
Tao: Yixing hyung who’s down the stage.
Xiumin: It’s ON the stage!
Lay: For me… (His accent was totally like Korean, so fans were all like “wow….”)
Xiumin: Our members really speak Korean very well!!
Lay: In China’s Wuhan… Hubei’s Wuhan, you guys probably know where? Hubei Province’s Wuhan… There was an audition…
Tao: Luhan hyung!
Luhan: I am… (Fans: Your Korean is good!, Kris: That’s true! I’m so envious!) I’m nervous~~ For me, back then I was learning Korean… I was walking around in Myungdong with friends… (Fans: We all know that~) Then what do you guys want to know?
Xiumin: Luhan, have you been wanting to be a singer since you’re a kid?
Luhan: No~
Tao: Let me explain.
Xiumin: Let Tao explain then.
Tao: Luhan hyung loves playing soccer since young, but… as he grew up, he became interested in being a singer
Luhan: Because I really like singing
Tao: Luhan’s hyung’s voice is really nice!
Luhan: Ai—- I’m shy~~
Tao: When I was young in the school, I really like singing. In high school, I liked acting. So… Excuse me, can I speak in Chinese? After high school, I really liked music so much that I even learnt from a professional. And I also went to a lot of auditions, but was always eliminated. Although so, I didn’t give up and kept working hard for my dream. In 2011, I was chosen by 2 noonas from SM. I appreciate the noonas so much for such opportunity. In order to pursue this dream, I gave up a lot, but has been running and looking straight forward. And in the end I came here with the members. Now I’m standing here, thinking back, this moment is the happiest moment. Not only for me, to pursue the dream of us 12 members, we will keep working hard and be humble, and meet our fans all around the world. EXO! Let’s love! And…
Xiumin: … And…?!

Tao: Just by working hard is not enough~ Fans please love us a lot too~ We really wil work hard every single day
Chen: That’s all~
Kris: Then let us…
Xiumin: We still have event (Fan: No activity in Korea?)
Chen: Isn’t here Korea?
Xiumin: We still have an event, we will have a draw and give out our autographed CD… everyone got a number card right?
Kris: Tao and Luhan can draw the numbers.
(Then the blessed one got CDs directly from Tao and Luhan TTTT Fans kept screaming)
Xiumin: Now… We should… It’s the time.

Kris: What do you guys want to see? MAMA? Members are all…
Xiumin: The stage is too small.. It’s not enough for my shouting [T/N: that’s Xiumin’s part in MAMA :3]… And if you do the martial art here and fall down, you’ll get hurt
(Tao already began to dance, and finally! FINALLY! Lay! Our Lay finally! Fans were all shouting “So handsome, so handsome!!”)
Xiumin: Isn’t Lay handsome?! Then let’s show a part! Our Chen’s song?
Chen: I’m only singing? Well I’m the lead vocal! (Fan: Dance Machine Chen!) Hahaha! Thanks everyone! Acknowledging my dance! Thanks!
Xiumin: Catch the key, key!
Chen: Chinese? Korean?
Xiumin: Are we K or M? Do we sing in Chinese or do we sing in Korean? (he was like a mom scolding the kindergarten kid keke)
Chen: Chinese
Xiumin: Then have you guys ever sang our songs in Chinese? (Fans: No…) Then we’re not singing, not singing~~
Chen: When I sing, the voices of you guys have to be louder than mine~ (Members: We’re singing MAMA!) MAMA! (The song began) Then why don’t the 6 of us dance together?
Kris: Because the stage is too small, we can only dance a part of it
Chen: How about starting from the last bit of MAMA?
Kris: Will it be a pity to only sing that part? (He’s so good at teasing!) Then let’s sing together!
(It started with Chen’s high note part. Luhan sang live as well. The 6 of them performed the dance TTTT THE BEST!)
Xiumin: Thank you everyone, now finally, let Tao say something to all of us
Tao: I’m really blessed today~ Today’s birthday should be so far the most impressive and happiest birthday I ever had. Thank you. Before this, I had never been with more than 3 friends together for my birthday, today I’m able to spend it with so many of you guys, I’m so thankful and blessed. Ever since I got in S.M, hyungs have been taking care of me all the time, I’m very appreciative for that as well. I hope that I can be with the hyungs forever. Thanks everyone! I’m Kungfu Panda!
Xiumin: Today we’re able to celebrate Tao’s birthday together, thank you so much everyone, next time we will also… (Fans: WHEN!!?) If you look at our homepage… (Fans: There isn’t anything!!) Then how do you guys know how to come over?! We will have chance to meet again!
Kris: Let’s greet for the end, in Korean, 1 2 3! WE ARE ONE, thank you everyone!!
Xiumin: Byebye~ Take care when heading back~
Chen: There soon will be no buses!
Tao: Bye~~

Credit: spris@tumblr


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  1. is there a video for this? I reaally wanna see it

  2. Aawwwww! So Amber came too?? I wonder why she was there xD
    Anyway, were you there?? in that adorable momnent??

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