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[PERSONAL] Just want to write something

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My collection of his pictures so far.
Fell for him right at the very first sight in ‘What Is Love’ on 29th Jan
Capture the first pictures of him in ‘What Is Love’ and upload to FB on 31st Jan – my birthday
First time go crazy about him on 15th Feb, because of the 17th teaser
Create this blog and post the first things about him on 20 Feb
First time see him dancing on 2nd March, in 23rd teaser
First time hear his speaking voice, see his smile on 31st March, at the showcase
First time feel sad for him on 8th April, at the debut stage…
Day after day, I found out more faces of him.
He’s calm.
He likes to smile.
He definitely can laugh comfortably in front of people.
He’s a good leader.
He’s a caring big brother.
He has humorous side.
He can perform magic.
He can rap like a boss.
He has silly faces sometimes.
He walks like a super model.
He wears like a fashionista, and I have to say that I love his style so much.
He’s a loyal man, you know, he seems to never change his canvas shoes, his ring, necklace…
He appreciates his fans by receiving their gifts and use them and let the fans see it…
He’s not perfect
But he’s perfect in my eyes
These days I’ve read so many blogs about his past. And I felt hurt everytime reading them. People are so curious. And their curiousness somehow might hurt him.
He has his own past and I appreciate it by not trying to dig it out again. I think that’s what he wants. No matter what was going on in his past, we, his fan, should respect it.
Now he is Wu Yi Fan, Wu Fan – the Kris that we love!


Author: Pea Bling Bling

Angel with invisible broken wings

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