Krisus Jesus

An imperfect paradise for an imperfect angel.

[FANACC] 120510 Kris @ 2nd Fansign

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Luhan and Kris Tshirt sizes are both M [cr: 白_小贤]

Kris was asked to choose his favourite fruit and …………….. it’s either peach or tomato

Kris said: “I love all of you, you guys know that right?” – › cr: [echo__Echo]

Kris is most contented with the upper parts of his face [cr: 鹿晗你这个萌爷们儿我爱你]

Luhan’s shoesize 42.5 Kris 46/47 [cr: 白_小贤] via heechvl

[trans by heechvl]

kris seems to have told a Japanese fan ‘thank you very much’ in Japanese

His blood type is O

Fan: *pointing to picture* Is this you? Doesn’t look like you…
Kris: *smiling* Yes it’s me
Fan: Heard you are the handsome leader of the group so I came to see you~
Kris: I’m not I’m not *being polite*
Fan: I think you are~
Kris: But I’m not… *shy*
Fan: Well I said you are so you are
Kris: *laughs* Okay I am I am*signs picture*
Fan: My friends all really like you you know
Kris: Thank you~
Fan: Don’t thank me…
Kris: Okay okay don’t thank you~*laughs*
Cre: woo____小龙

this girl was trolling so much =)))))))


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Angel with invisible broken wings

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