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[FANACC] 120513 EXO @ Inkigayo Pre-recording

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*EXO-M sang live!!

*They did the screamo part and dance break just like in the showcase

*glitter rained down on them from above. the set and screen at the back were glorious. Baek in white is like an angel

* fans sang along pretty loudly today i think. so much screaming when M came in *they bowed to us in appreciation. so good to help the PD. there was a lot of screaming when Chen came out. XiuMin and Tao had the most

*started from just before M’s entrance. Kai was dancing to build energy and get into the mood. Chan directed everyone on positions

Cr: Yundorphin via: @EXO_M_K

(Source: exo-kiss)


Kris was keep on practicing on the corner of the stage before recording. When K and M change turn, Kris and Baekhyun held each other hand. Kris pat Kai’s butt. Finished the 2nd recording Luhan walk down the stage with Kai, he were also pat Kai’s butt. When M is recording, Sehun were took the water bottle that Baekhyun had drank to drink water. After finished the 4th recording, Luhan called Sehun who was standing at the behind to stand forward to have a group greeting.



Luhan and Sehun in white jackets, Baekhyun in black, Chanyeol in silver

cr: heecvhl


Baekhyun did an AEGYO (slight bbuing bbuing) 뿌잉뿌잉 >

Via heechvl


then Lay went to monitor them on the screen and Kris joined him. Tao watched directly. as K were waiting to come back, Baek sang along to M. they finished off pretty awesome.
@ yundorphin


At today’s recording at Inkigayo with Exo-M, Baekhyun did aegyo (slight bbuing bbuing) and danced below the stage while watching Exo M danced

cr: 阿飘_Ting // trans: heechvl



Glitter rain down to them from above. The set and screen at behind was glarious. Baekhyun in white was like an angel O_O. Fans sang (fan chant) pretty loud today. So much scream when EXO M came in. EXO M was all swagtastic. He did a shooting gesture. This is the fiercest rehearsal for a group i’ve ever seen. Their put their all into it. At the end they doing MAMA gesture, Tao almost hit Xiumin xDD. Kai was the first bow as were they leaving the stage.

[Take 1]

PD told us not yell too loudly or the cam would pick it after the music. We agreed to be quiet and EXO K clapped and bow to us as appreciations. There was a lot of screaming when Chen came out. Xiumin and Tao had the most attitude during the final turn. Xiumin has do much attitude in general. Where as Kris walks Xiumin sruts. Diamond facing each other *adsdjfsuhsd*.

[Take 2]

Start from before EXO M entered. Kai was dance to build energy and come in to the mood. Chen directed everyone on positions. DO was making V sign to fans. Xiumin’s rap got cut off he swaggered his way to a stop xD as Suho came back to stage, he and Chen hugged. Before starting again D.O practice cutely and Chen was waving to fans. This take was cut off again right before Chen’s high note. PD gave them instructions. Xiumin looked very overheated his shirt kept rising during performance. Tao pulled his jacket a bit to cool off and showed off his shoulders O.O as they got off stage EXO K back on, Krispy Bacon had a moment. Kris seems smile and gave Baekhyun a thumb when he realized fans was screaming :) as EXO K performed Tao was tugged Kris to ask something. Xiumin lypsinchs to the screaming part even though it is EXO K version xD. At the final turn, he not only turned his heat but put his hand to his hair Travolta style.

[TAKE 3] Final take !!!

Sehun and Kai came into the stage with Sehun come holding onto Kai’s shoulders O.O chanyeol had to run back to hand off something he had forgotten. After they got into kneeling position, he was clapping his coat. Prob overheated. All EXO M members then come onto the stage for instructions. As EXO M got off stage, Kris and chanyeol clapped hands. Then Chanyeol and Lay. In kneeling positions again Chanyeol turned and fixing something on Kai’s shirt. *this kid is too good with service*. As EXO K performed Kris practiced dancing. Then Lay went to monitor them on the screen and Kris joined him. Tao watched directly as EXO K were waiting to comeback. Baekhyun sang along to EXO M. They finished off pretty awesome.


Group thank you. No intros :( some confusion on leavings. Lol

Credit story to yundprphin
Via : Mei



Tao and Baekhyun removed their jacket slightly [cr: iEXOne]
PD was explaining which camera they should focus on and Chanyeol did a V sign to it lmao [cr: iEXOne]
At the end of recording they said “we are exo!” and Chanyeol had his armsover Kris’ shoulders while exiting stage [cr: EXOSHOW_EXO全球后援会]


Today when they were doing their ending greeting, everyone was trying to stand in the order at the showcase, and most of them did. Sehun alone stood next to Luhan, completely ignoring everyone’s gestures telling him to get back to his spot. He stood calmly beside Luhan and pushed Lay to the side. Then Luhan looked at Sehun and quietly hooked an arm around his.

CR: 牙签要笑死了


Kris grabbed Chanyeol to stand beside him when Chanyeol is standing on the 3rd one from the side. (because the way they stand is like how they stand during their debut showcase)



a fan account from exo’s inkigayo pre-recording

though I waited 10 hours to watch them for 30 minutes, it was still worth it. they were so handsome! especially the ending part where the two groups had a dance battle, what a climax. they recorded 4 times, the kids were so focused, they must be really tired but they kept on smiling and persevering. the korean fans were also fantastic, they gave exo-m a lot of support and cheered loudly.

1: kris wore a long coat, low-chested, this kid is so thin… I could see his collarbones, chanyeol wore a long coat
2: luhan had frizzy hair, sehun was behind him
3: kai wore red, baekhyun wore white
4: they lip-synced, but everyone did their utmost best
5: it’s the first time I realized kris/baekhyun have such a great relationship, each time they cross paths they will high-five, greet and encourage each other
6: while leaving the stage chanyeol was holding onto kris, not sure what they were talking about
7: yixing looked really handsome when he’s dancing, he was often dancing in front
8: chanyeol picked things off kai’s clothes again, this kid is like exo’s mother, the fans started screaming again
9: while the director was explaining, kris was practicing, and when they left the stage, he was still practicing in a corner T_T
10: my friend said baekhyun tripped once onstage, but I didn’t see o(n_n)o~
11: exo-m left first, when they were on the roads kris stuck his hand out and waved, but other than his hand we couldn’t see anything
12: exo-k left in two separate cars, I think I saw suho and chanyeol smiling and waving
13: at the end where all 12 were bowing, they were supposed to be in the same position like in the showcase, but chanyeol went to stand third from left, kris had to grab yixing like he did at the airport, and the other hand had to move chanyeol to be beside him

translated by aknyeos
source: exo家小红薯呀呀呀


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