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[FANACC] 120513 Krisyeol moment @ Inkigayo Pre-record

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I went to broadcasting station for recording inkkikayo that would be come out exo-m, exo-k together at 13 may

they parformance will go on the air at 20 may, but inkkikayo is just show for performance, so nobody could watch krisyeol on the television, so i want to say.

and i saw so many krisyeol.

even exo-m, exo-k. they almost didn’t touch each others(i thik, exo-m so much tensioned because they was first stage in the korea broadcasting station),

so krisyeols touch was best of best because kris and chanyeol touched each other skillfully.

first thing, kris and chanyeol highfived, and holding the hand when exo-m go down after their part, and exo-k go on the stage for their performance.

they didn’t take one’s hand off untill they arms got straightened.

and after the recording, they stand in a line on the stage for saying goodbye to us,

at first time keongsu was stood between kris and chanyeol, but kris hold chanyeol’s waist and shoulders and draw him next to the he. i said “poor keongsu” kris touched chanyeols waist for long time after he stand next to the him.

finished the goodbye, kris went down first from stage, and chanyeol went down following him,

when chanyeol went to the near by kris, kris hit the chanyeols waist suddnely.

chanyeol also hit the kris’s back

kris hit chanyeols waist again, and hold chanyeol’s waist and draw to him.

any body remmerber? the scene of krisyeol in the airport when they wind thier arms to eachother.

just like that!!

kris hold chanyeol waist, chanyeol hold kris back!! just like the airport scene

i couldnt see they anymore because they went to out from stage perfectly

nobody couldnt take pictures because the taking picture in the broadcasting station is prohibited.

but my friends took the picture about their waiting room secretly

see the pictures!!

in first picture, kris’s arms wound to chanyeols neck wholly. see carefully near by chanyeols neck

in second picture, i think everybody could see, where are kris hands on!!!!!
(we could see hunhan also, in the picture! just next to the kris. two guys) -my english is not good, but i want to tell to youguys about krisyeol back to the television. thanks you. forever krisyeol!!-

I can’t breathe right now…all my krisyeol feels are overwhelming my system

(Credit: kris-and-chanyeol / shinebrightsparkling @ Tumblr)
Shared by D.Olips @

(There are some mistakes in her writing. However, for respecting her post, I’ll not correct it. Hope you’ll understand it clearly ^^)


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