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[FANACC] 120515 EXO-M @ MBC Show Champion

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First of all let me just say that waiting sucks. It was worth it in the end, but waiting really sucks. My friend and I showed up at the building where Show Champion was showing at around 10:45am, got our numbers, and then waited around until 1:30pm, where everyone gathered and got in lines and we stood outside in the heat and sun for about an hour before we were told to come back AGAIN at 4pm (when the pre-recording was supposed to start at 3:30). So we hang around until 4, then come back and stand in line in the heat and sun for another hour and thirty minutes before we were actually allowed inside the building.

I hate music shows for this reason. If I wasn’t exo-m, I honestly probably would have left when they first told us to come back at four, especially since my friend had a group meeting she had to be at.
But, all that waiting WAS worth it in the end. I ended up in the front row and it was fabuloussss even though all the fangirls being me weren’t minding where their hands were traveling at all. And during the performance there was a guy filming the audience and since I was in the front row, I really hope you can’t see me if they show the audience during broadcast because that would be really embarrassing D:
I did the fanchant though! I am REALLY bad at being a fan. I never clap or scream or any of that, but I did do the fanchant! And it was fun! Anyway. I guess I’ll just do what I normally do for my fanaccounts and go through all the members.
Gorgeous. Tall. Smoldering. Awkward as hell when he dances. Kris is my friend’s bias, and she was even cracking up at how awkward he was when he was dancing. Seriously, guys, watch the broadcast and see for yourself. It’s adorable, really. I think it’s mainly because he was dancing next to Tao most of the time and Tao is a fabulous dancer. But still lolol. I guess it’s also because he’s so tall, and that tends to make people more awkward when they dance.
SO ADORABLE. He’s really short though! Like a fun-sized version of the Exo members. There is one point in it where he is standing directly in front of Kris and Kris is like more than a full head taller than him. But he’s seriously SO ADORABLE. I can’t even hfgfhdgjs. The part where he screams the rap is so cute because here this adorable short little squishy guy is screaming and trying to be fierce and I just love it! His eyes are so cute too, just really big and curious, like a little baby ^^
Okay so everyone who follows me knows I’m a HUGE fan of Luhan. AND SO JUST LET ME TAKE A FEW MOMENTS TO SPAZZ THE FUCK OUT BECAUSE HE. IS. PERFECT. OH. MY. GOD. He had a lot of solo singing parts and just fsdfgdhdhjkljhgdsjkdks the faces he makes while he performs shouldn’t be legal I swear to GOD ugh. And like at the very end of the song, there is a part where everyone else is turned around and he is the only one facing the audience and he’s just standing there looking gorgeous and perfect and making all these faces and I wanted to DIE. If I actually fangirled, I wouldn’t have a voice right now. And omg the cutest part was at the end when Exo-M was bowing and saying thank you and he was SO smiley and waving at everyone and just the contrast with how fierce and fabulous he is on stage and that is SO GREAT. Luhan, I love you. I really do.
Honestly I didn’t really pay much attention to Lay (sorry to all the Lay fans!). He was gorgeous though. He had some sex hair going on and it was just flapping about madly as he danced and near the end he got a bit sweaty and that combined with the sex hair was more than enough to have the fangirls around me screaming 대박!!!! 대박!!!!! He is a really good dancer, and I think because of that he just blends in so well with the group, and maybe that’s why I didn’t notice him at much as the others. But he did his thang too!
Ah. Chen. Why did no one tell me Chen was this beautiful and gorgeous and just GREAT? I mean I saw him at the fansign too, but today idk there was just something about him. I was mesmerized. Seriously. Even during the parts where the focus was on Luhan, I found myself staring at Chen. And I’m sure my mouth was hanging open very unattractively. Like. God. At the beginning when he’s singing and all the rest of the members are squatting and it’s just him standing with the spotlight on it’s like OH HELLO LOOK AN ANGEL HAS COME DOWN FROM HEAVEN TO GRACE US ALL WITH HIS PRESENCE. I never really gave Chen much thought before today, but he is FOR SURE on my radar as of now. Chen, I’m sure you gained MANY new fans today, me included. Keep it up, boy! And I encourage all you Exo-M fans to give him some more attention! He deserves it.
Lovely, lovely, lovely Tao. Thank you, by the way, for wearing that sleeveless shirt, I REALLY enjoyed it. Also, how can someone be such a flawless dancer? Him during the dance break. No words to describe how great it was. He just took over that stage like nobody’s business. And he did a flip too. dhfgdhfgsjkfhsj and it was flawless hfgdhfgdhfgsdj FLAWLESS. It was especially great that the flip was timed at the exact moment the fans were all screaming the ‘TAO’ part of the fanchant.
Exo-M is an INCREDIBLY talented group of boys. You can tell they all worked their asses off to get where they are now, and I loved seeing how fans were there today to support them, and how enthusiastic they were about them. All of Exo deserves every little but of attention they are getting, and I can’t wait to see how amazing they will get in the future.

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