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[FANACC] 120520 Kris @ SMTown Concert

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KRIS, KEY and AMBER performed ‘Like A G6’

He high-fived a fan
Cr: zicoskitty@tumnblr

Kris picked up a fanboard saying ‘AYO WHADDUP KRIS’
cr.DBSKnights via twitter

BoA, KRIS & KEY performed ‘One Dream’

“;A; Okay, let me start off with how handsome and god-like he really is. He, honestly, looked absolutely perfect. His english, was perfect. His rapping, was perfect. His face, was like a perfect god-like statue. I screamed like crazy everytime he showed up on the screen. I honestly didn’t know what to do with myself. When he grabbed that fan’s “AYO WADDUP KRIS” poster, I think I peed myself. That was hilarious and I love Kris ten times more. You haven’t seen Kris until you’ve seen him in person. Pictures and videos ARE NOTHING. NOTHING AT ALL. His presence on stage is breathtaking. I don’t know what to do with myself now so I’m going to go roll into a corner and sob okay.”

“I saw Kris a lot though. He is so handsome I’m not even kidding when I say pictures of him are NOTHING compared to Kris in real life. He came over to my side during Like a G6 with Amber and Key. Oh my goodness, absolutely gorgeous. He was a bit awkward, but I found it really cute. He didn’t wave to any of us though. Kris also performed again with BoA during “One Wish” with Key. They were far off at the front of the stage so no interaction.”

oh yeah and Kris is probably the most beautiful human being I have ever seen. like I’m pretty sure If I ever saw him in person again, I would die. just truly flawless.

I’m going to devote this post to Kris. I can’t believe a human ( if he even is human) can look that good.
Seeing him yesterday at the hotel, he was normal, but i still had that “is he even real” vibe lol.
Tonight was another story Bc kris just had that whole sexy Idol look to him. I was so blown away I couldn’t believe that that was the same dude I saw yesterday.
I just can’t believe kris, I just can’t. It’s so fucking amazing. That boy is just… He doesn’t belong in the human world Bc he is just too damn perfect. I fucking love him. I love EXO. Fuck everything else man just fuck it!

[120521] SMTOWN Fanaccount – Chanyeol Kris
最后没电了 但最后家族大合唱朴灿烈个二货一直扭一直扭,还特地转过去拿了个气球边挥边扭。。然后回主舞台的时候蹦蹦跳跳回去,还回头拉他Kris哥的手一起回去,Kris哥拉了会儿就不鸟他了哈哈哈~反正全场朴灿烈就都跟着Kris哥就对了。。cr. 朴烈焰
In the end when the whole of SMfamily were singing together Park Chanyeol kept fidgeting/wiggling(dancing) , and even turn around just to get a balloon to wave and wiggle… after that when they went back to the main stage, he was skipping back, and even turn around to hold Kris’s hand. Kris held his hand for a while then ignored him hahaha~ Anyway, Chanyeol was just following Kris around throughout…

Kris does a fail
So Kris had a special stage with Key and Amber at SMTown 2012, and he’s walking down the long stage and sees a fan with a Kris poster. He takes the poster and continues walking until he’s nowhere near the girl whose poster he took. Then he throws the poster to try and return it or something I guess, but then the poster just kind of falls to the ground lamely next to the stage where no one can reach it cuz it’s fenced off. :/
Duizhang is too presh


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