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[FANACC] 120618 EXO-M @ Music High recording

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-Every time Kris started to talk, Luhan would turn to look at him and nod and blink rapidly.

-In the middle, a lot of fans gave Tao a thumbs-up, and he said, “I’m really happy to have you guys with me, now I’ll never have to take walks on the beach alone again.”

-Luhan, Xiumin, and Lay had a high-five move, but Luhan and Lay ended up missing and Lay started laughing.

-When they were passing down the tissues (to wipe sweat), Luhan passed it to Lay and Lay tickled Luhan’s chin with it.

-When the fans started to sing MAMA, Chen and Xiumin were clapping and Luhan and Kris were pointing their mics at the audience. At the end, Kris did the MAMA hand motion and Luhan spread his arms like at the end of the performance.

-Kris was forced to rap by the MC (and someone joined in with beatboxing) and Luhan had a really suprised :O face the entire time.

-When Lay was told to reveal the members’ secrets, Kris pretended to run away and Luhan hid behind Xiumin, but Xiumin grabbed Luhan’s hand and pulled him back. When Kris heard that Lay was about to reveal his secrets, he wiped away some sweat and bowed to Lay. And then when Lay said that Kris liked to act cool in the dorms (he used the word ‘home’) with the two finger salute, Luhan smiled and stuck his tongue out and Kris looked a little embarrassed.

Then Lay started talking about Luhan, and Luhan sighed and patted Lay on the shoulder and smiled really sweetly, then lowered his head and waited for Lay to talk. Lay was very nice here and said that he and Luhan were roommates, and that whenever Luhan had a problem he would chat with Lay. They would sit on the bed with green tea and red tea and talk for a long time.

-Luhan was smiling or laughing for the entire 3+ hours of recording and even had to massage his cheeks in the middle.

-When Lay was demonstrating the MAMA dance moves, Luhan was doing ankle circles on the side.

-Lay and Luhan accepted all the banners the fans handed to them, and even picked up the ones that fell before they left.

-When they left the stage, Kris had an arm around Luhan.

Credit: oh-luhans @ tumblr


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