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[Fanacc] 120628 Kris on the plane

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Kris was playing with this dragon doll.
@jojo芮希 saw the doll and said “Look! A dragon!” and Kris stared(?) at her.

@EXO-M御姐辣妈团forever: Kris went to use the toilet on the plane, and the toilet happened to be engaged. While Kris was waiting, a passenger sitting beside him were reading newspaper, and asked Kris “Are you the 6 people in the newspaper? Are you singers? Can you guys sing sth now?” Kris said “Next time.” with smile. When he went back to seat, A fangirl gave a present to him. He seemed to be in a pickle, but he acceptted the present.

@miko_kkk: The plane’s newpaper has EXO-M’s news today. A man asked Kris which one is him, and Kris pointed it to the man. Many people on the plane were saying “handsome!”

(Credit : As Tagged | Re-Up : oJunMyeon and maypa@CXO)
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Author: Pea Bling Bling

Angel with invisible broken wings

One thought on “[Fanacc] 120628 Kris on the plane

  1. Next time again =))))))))))

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