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120901 Kris update his Renren and shopping with his mother at Myeongdeong good boy ≧▼≦

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As you guys wanna know, EXO-M seems like they had a day off yesterday, Luhan, Lay and Tao are all comeback to their hometown in China but Kris didn’t because Canada is too far from Korea I guess. Then, he updated a status (not even a status just an icon) on his Renren account :


This icon    | Ok  this is super super super cute, at first, i thought he was upset because he can’t go home,  poor him. (━┳━ _ ━┳━)  But, guess what?  Today his mother came to Korea to visit her son omo lovely mummy ≧▼≦

They shopping together at Myeongdeong, happy Fan was playing around with his beautiful and tall mother  :

And here are some fanaccs that you guys might wanna check :

 – Kris shopping at Myeongdeong fanaccount: when he saw the car coming, he hurriedly protected his mama. 

– They  took a cab back, having bought many things with big and small bags alike. 

– When boarding the taxi, Kris took his sunglasses off and then put them back on, and he turned and saw us before getting in. 

 -They took a taxi and left. They brought many things, we always keep the distance and watched them go. Before he got into the taxi, he turned towards us, we waved to him, and him waved back. After he got into the taxi, he waved goodbye again. (credit angellin91 | engtrans CXO Trans)

– He  told someone that his mom was going back tomorrow. I didn’t have the heart to continue disturbing them. (credit Yinnris_诗)

He even signed for a lucky fan : 

I was like OMFG now I know the reason why I truly madly deadly fall in love with this guy, he’s too precious. Little Fan, I hope you have a happy time with your mother ≧▼≦ 

all pic credit to weibo | TAKE OUT WITH FULL CREDIT 


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One thought on “120901 Kris update his Renren and shopping with his mother at Myeongdeong good boy ≧▼≦

  1. i wanna be his mom. can go shopping and hug him everytime

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