Krisus Jesus

An imperfect paradise for an imperfect angel.

Kris’s Profile

Rapper | Leader EXO M

Full name : Wu Yi Fan [吴凡] (Ngô Diệc Phàm)

Stage Name: Kris

English Name: Kevin Li / Kevin Wu

Nick name: K.Li / Wu Fan / 队长 (Captain) / Niuzai (Cowboy) / Jesus

Date of Birth: November 6, 1990

Height: 187 cm

Blood type: O

Position: Rapper, Leader

Hometown: Vancouver, Canada

• Used to go to 7th School of Guangzhou
• Lived in Guang Zhou, China before moving to Canada
• Speaks the following languages; Mandarin | Cantonese | English | Korean
• First public appearance was during the 2011 Girl’s Generation Tour
• Was the captain of a basketball team in China at the age of 15
• Enjoys reading books particularly self-improvement and inspirational
• Is very social and can talk to anyone
• Other trainees and team members of EXO think of him as a big brother.
• Is the laziest member in EXO, hard to wake up, when the other members are ready, he’s still climbing out of bed
• Usually spend time to fix his hair before going out
• Is the one who usually cook but it’s not really delicious food
• Usually spend 15-30 minutes every night to do skin care in front of a mirror
• Can do magic tricks
• Close with SuJu M’s Henry
• Casted in Vancouver in 2007


41 thoughts on “Kris’s Profile

  1. what about blood type please i want it

  2. BIG brother wwwwwooowwww

  3. hmm có thể cho mình hỏi cái này không?
    tên của anh là Wu Yi Fan thì dịch ra đầy đủ là gì?
    Ở những nơi khác chỉ dịch Wu Fan là Ngô Phàm thôi.

  4. chậc chậc, Kris ca ca :x
    cool ngút trời *lăn lăn*

  5. Có mấy chỗ nói ổng cao 188. Mà ổng là người gốc Hoa hả bạn có lai gì nữa ko. Canada hình như chỉ là nơi sống thôi.

    • chiều cao chính thức của Kris vẫn chưa được SM công bố chính thức, nhưng mình nghĩ có lẽ là tầm khoảng 188 189 cơ. Mình nghĩ ảnh là người gốc Trung 100% ko có lai đâu bạn, nhưng quốc tịch của ảnh là Canada :)

  6. Well….kris not that popular, exo m too!

  7. máu O ư? sao có web bảo Kris máu B nhỉ? thật tò mò wa’ đi ~~~

  8. If you know Kris’s weight,please tell me..Thank you.

  9. up loss….fantastic KRIS…!!

  10. i will always support him and i will always love exo .. <3 ""^^!!!

  11. I like kris very much. kris you handsome. I will aiways support you. I am thailand fanclub.

  12. 한 나 알고 있는지도 ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ

  13. this is true? his nickname is ‘Jesus’?


  14. he has a brother or sister?

  15. hey i like your theme song btw. what’s the title? thanks

  16. I Love KRIS and I also Love the other EXO members <3



  18. vô đây coi profile của anh Phàm mà nghe trúng words i don’t want to hear :”> giống như được về nhà ấy <3

  19. Krisss!!!!!!I like you…hehe…I’m one of your biggest fan in india

  20. what about religions?

  21. i”ll always be there,:)

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